Treatment Planning system for Bhabhatron II and Bhabhatron MLC: ISOgray® by DOSIsoft

Image Courtesy: DOSIsoft SA

Treatment planning systems (TPS) are the heart of radiation therapy systems and the key to improved patient outcomes. DOSIsoft’s ISOgray® TPS allows you to make your clinical decision based on accurate dose calculations and plan the dose delivery with confidence.

ISOgray® is an All-in-one comprehensive solution including IMAgo (Advanced Multimodality Imaging and Countouring) and SIMAgo (Beam Set-up and Virtual Simulation) modules.

Panacea’s Bhabhatron II and Bhabhatron MLC are integrated with Dosisoft’s fully interactive ISOgray® TPS. With ISOgray®, the clinician has the choice to select the most appropriate contouring tool for the clinical case, he is currently working on. ISOgray® considers physical and mechanical properties of MLC in Bhabhatron and manages both step and shoot and dynamic sliding windows technique. To ensure the calculation accuracy, the leaf transmission factor (between and within the leaves), as well as the rounded shape of the leaves, the Tongue-and-Groove effect are considered in the MLC sequencing calculation.


  • Robust dose calculation algorithms
  • User-friendly tools for parameterization and verification
  • Precise and accurate dose distribution
  • Interactive prescription and DVH calculation
  • Smart optimization
  • Increased RT planning efficiency

Image Courtesy: Madurai Cancer Center, Madurai

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