Bhabhatron 3

Bhabhatron 3 is a revolutionary product introduced by Panacea. Bhabhatron 3 provides the user with the ease of operation and reliability of a cobalt unit along with several additional features like In-Gantry imaging and 6D robotic couch. Built on a ring gantry platform, Bhabhatron 3 gamma beam therapy unit empowers the user with a spectrum of radiation therapy modalities to treat the patients expeditiously including treatment modalities like 3D Conformal Radiotherapy (3D CRT) and Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT).

Multileaf Collimator

The dynamic 25 pair MLC on Bhabhatron 3 allows the user to deliver conformal treatments with sub millimeter accuracy. The MLC has a thickness of 1cm at iso center and is capable of overtravel. Thus, empowering the user to deliver advanced treatment modalities like 3D CRT and IGRT.

Gamma Beam on Ring Gantry

6D Couch

Dynamic MLC


Krystal R&V

In-gantry Imaging

IGRT on cobalt platform

Bhabhatron 3 is the first IGRT based Gamma therapy unit to offer full range of innovative imaging tools starting from 2D radiography to CBCT. These imaging modalities empower the user to deliver Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) with confidence. With daily image and powerful software tools for image matching, Bhabhatron 3 sets the benchmark for precision on a cobalt platform.

6D Couch

The modern 6D couch bundled with the In-Gantry imaging makes Bhabhatron 3 a highly accurate gamma beam therapy unit. The robotic 6D couch with roll, yaw and pitch movements facilitate non-coplanar beam treatments.

Improved workflow with “Krystal”

With Krystal- record and verify feature, the system matches the daily images of the patient with the plan images ensuring highly targeted treatment with reduced radiation exposure to the healthy tissues. The fully digital system allows the matched images to be saved for offline review and is DICOM compatible.

Reduced bunker requirements

The inbuilt beam stopper on Bhabhatron 3 adds to the cost-effective feature of the unit by reducing the primary shielding requirements for any bunker. This ensures that Bhabhatron 3 can be housed in any existing cobalt bunker with minimal modifications to the site. 

Important Safety Information : Radiation Treatment may cause side effects that can differ depending on the part of the body being treated, radiation dose, treatment frequency, Physical condition of the patient to name a few. Physicians are responsible to direct all medical decisions based on its side effects, care and treatment of the patient. Refer to Panacea’s product User Manual for more detailed information on product safety, effectiveness and its intended use.

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