Lilac- Full field Digital Mammography with Tomsynthesis

Perform wide angle tomosynthesis of 60 degrees with Lilac with 31 different projections. The widest scan helps gain the information at every depth of the tissue resulting in accurate diagnosis.

Dose equivalent to 2D Mammography

Delivering right dose to the patient while ensuring an optimum image quality is a challenge. With Lilac, the clinicians can ensure that the dose is equal to what is being delivered in 2D Mammography.

Wide angle tomosynthesis

Low dose 3D scan

Clear-View Workstation

Accurate Diagnosis

Breast Biopsy

What’s new in Lilac?

Clear-View Review workstation

We understand the demanding workflow needs of the clinicians and have developed a workstation which is configurable. Our Clear-view review workstation allows the clinicians to review the images in the most organized manner. With Clear-view, the diagnosis is done even before the patient leaves the mammography room.

Analysing mammograms can be a real challenge with 2D Mammography. The 1mm slices of the 3D mammography allows the clinicians to reach to the exact depth of the tumor and aid in right diagnosis.

Advantages of Clear-view review workstation:

  • Customized Hanging Protocols
  • Auto Image Enhancements
  • Single Click workflow
  • Comparison with previous study
  • DICOM compatibility
  • Optional plug-in for CAD

Adding biopsy to increase diagnostic accuracy

Lilac’s ergonomic prone motion makes your way to perform biopsy at the comforts of prone position with the patient being at her most comfortable position.

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