Siddharth II

With evolving radiation facilities and rapidly advancing treatment techniques it is imperative to have external beam radiotherapy units that can apply artificial intelligence and cognitive thinking to assist healthcare practitioners to deliver the right dose at right location swiftly with ease. It is the demand by the users to have a unit that is easy to use and less intimidating to the patients. 

Siddharth II is developed keeping all the factors in a modern radiation oncology centre in mind.

Siddharth II comes with feature-rich capabilities making it the most compelling unit to be available in the radiation oncology facilities.

Wide bore ring gantry

Often patients feel uncomfortable to expose themselves to medical procedures in a closed environment. Siddharth II comes with the widest bore measuring 150cm thus providing a conducive claustrophobia free environment. Siddharth II delivers submillimeter accuracy treatment with the stability of ring gantry.  Complex non-coplanar treatments are easily delivered through the dynamically spacious ring gantry.

In-gantry Stereotactic Imaging

Dynamic MLC

6-D Couch

Wide bore ring gantry

Krystal R&V

Maximum Patient Throughput


Scanomatica RFA

Multi Leaf Collimator

Siddharth II comes with a tertiary dynamic MLC. To bring in accuracy, versatility, and precision, the multi leaf collimator is armed with 50 pairs of leaves as fine as 5mm. The leaves conform to the shape of the tumor as desired by the user thus delivering optimum treatment with confidence.

6D Robotic Couch

Siddharth II comprises of a unique robotic hexapod patient treatment couch which assists Siddharth II to deliver precise treatment. Accurate patient positioning coupled with precise dose delivery yields in better treatment. Siddharth II couch comes with unique 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) enabling finest motions for patient positioning and offset correction. The couch ensures quick and precise positioning of the patient in the required orientation in 6 DOF. This enables quick and accurate positioning of the patient during radiation which is vital for pre-treatment positioning and intrafraction verification.

In-Gantry Stereotactic Imaging

Siddharth II is equipped with wide array of imaging modalities like in-gantry stereotactic kV imaging and wide angle CBCT. The amorphous silicon based flat panel detector helps to achieve the highest image quality. CBCT can be performed in both full fan and half fan mode. With in-gantry imaging quick shift corrections can be made without delay.

Improved workflow with “Krystal” R&V system

Designed for precision throughout the workflow, our record and verification system, Krystal reduces redundant steps and ensures precision in treatment delivery. The system acts as a repository for patient details starting from registration to complete treatment course. With the system’s compatibility with DICOM RT and DICOM 3.0, the record and verification can be performed for all the treatment machines present in the Radiotherapy facility.

Interacting with Siddharth-II is fingertips away

Siddharth-II’s user interface is one-of-its kind making it easier for the user to enter plan, edit and execute patient treatment swiftly. The UI has simplified workflow management enabling simpler communication with the user and the system.

Scanomatica RFA

Siddharth-II comes with an in-built robotic Scanomatica RFA which has an automated arm to automatically acquire beam data autonomously.

Important Safety Information : Radiation Treatment may cause side effects that can differ depending on the part of the body being treated, radiation dose, treatment frequency, Physical condition of the patient to name a few. Physicians are responsible to direct all medical decisions based on its side effects, care and treatment of the patient. Refer to Panacea’s product User Manual for more detailed information on product safety, effectiveness and its intended use.

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