Effective simulation and verification are of primary importance before treatment delivery to ensure safe deliver of radiation. At Panacea, we believe working together to break down boundaries and deliver seamless approach to cancer care. IMAGIN, an advanced flat panel radiotherapy simulator delivers the most efficacious simulation by optimized target delineation, target margins and target contouring to simplify the “starting point of treatment planning”.  

Simulate for all your treatment units​

With IMAGIN, we bring to you a system which can shake hands with any treatment machine, be it a cobalt based platform or a linear accelerator. With a variable FAD and a state of art indexed treatment planning couch, IMAGIN meets the needs for accuracy, stability and sub millimetre precision of every treatment machine.

Variable FAD

Flat Panel Detector

Radiography and Fluroscopy

Simulation and Verification

Treatment Planning Couch


Redefining Image Quality

The images obtained with IMAGIN are free from artefacts and noise, thereby improving the overall image quality. With low dose imaging, IMAGIN helps in capturing images with high spatial resolutions and detailed volume images that enables the clinicians to delineate targets accurately. The APR on IMAGIN optimizes the dose required for anatomical region and delivers precise dose without giving any additional dose to the neighbouring tissues.

Be confident with Patient Positioning

IMAGIN’s treatment planning couch aids in improved patient positioning even with fixtures like patient positioning devices. The indexing present on the treatment planning couch makes it easier to reproduce the same on the couch of any treatment machine.


With IMAGIN, the radiotherapy imaging workflow can be standardized and personalized. With an easy-to-use interface, the digital radiography can be performed to produce superior quality images for accurate treatment planning. For moving tumours or tumours close to moving organs, fluoroscopy mode in IMAGIN can detect the extent of the movement and aid in limiting exposure to healthy tissues.

CBCT on Imagin

To overcome the challenges of 2D imaging, CBCT on IMAGIN can be performed to reconstruct volumetric data with a field size up to 30x30x30cm. The 360-degree rotation on IMAGIN aids to capture images at required angles and reconstruct the images to clearly visualize tumours. The cone beam CT images can be used to generate initial treatment plan and verify the patient position during each step. 

Important Safety Information : Radiation Treatment may cause side effects that can differ depending on the part of the body being treated, radiation dose, treatment frequency, Physical condition of the patient to name a few. Physicians are responsible to direct all medical decisions based on its side effects, care and treatment of the patient. Refer to Panacea’s product User Manual for more detailed information on product safety, effectiveness and its intended use.

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