Bhabhatron II

Healthcare facilities are constantly changing to extend high quality & affordable care by providing an efficient treatment solution to whom it really Matters: The Patients.
Bhabhatron II addresses these important attributes in treating cancer patients, ensuring focussed & precisely targeted treatment.

Intuitive Workflow

Efficient workflow is the key in today’s radiotherapy clinics. Bhabhatron II brings together all the major elements from planning to treatment delivery seamlessly for an effective radiation therapy regimen. The complex processes are made faster and more intuitive, increasing productivity and freeing medical professionals of trivial tasks, to treat more patients. Bhabhatron II provides a single, integrated system that enables to perform patient setup, Record & Verification and treatment delivery with fast and highly efficient workflow.

Motorized Wedge

Arc Therapy

Intuitive Workflow

Battery Backup

Paperless Documentation

Asymmetric Collimator

Asymmetric collimation system uses 4 Jaws and trimmers (tungsten blocks) to create an irregular shaped radiation beam. The design of the collimator is such that it conforms the beam on to the tumour precisely and reduces the penumbra. All the jaws are independent enabling the symmetric and asymmetric modes of treatment. The maximum field size possible is 35x35cm thus targeting large tumours and has ± 150°. Rotation to treat tumours at all possible angles.

Record & Verify

The Record & Verify system in Bhabhatron II has evolved to eliminate the potential human error and provide unprecedented clinical efficiency.

Equipped with Indexed Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Couch for Accurate and reproducible patient positioning.

The Couch can easily adapt to patient and treatment specific needs. The indexed carbon fibre couch provides highest patient positioning accuracy and precision for all treatment protocols. The movements of couch are fully automated saving set-up time and workload of the users.

Optimized Workflow

Bhabhatron II graphical user interface provides easy to use, a consistent platform which helps achieve streamlined workflow and enhanced efficiency.  

Safety Features

Delivering the correct dose accurately is of utmost importance to limit the radiation to surrounding healthy tissue. Bhabhatron II is built to meet the international safety standards to ensure patient safety at every stage. Bhabhatron II conforms to International Electro Technical Commission standards and is CE Marked and AERB type approved.

All existing Bhabhatron II’s can be upgraded to Bhabhatron MLC at your site. Please contact the local sales representative for more information.

Important Safety Information : Radiation Treatment may cause side effects that can differ depending on the part of the body being treated, radiation dose, treatment frequency, Physical condition of the patient to name a few. Physicians are responsible to direct all medical decisions based on its side effects, care and treatment of the patient. Refer to Panacea’s product User Manual for more detailed information on product safety, effectiveness and its intended use.

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