Lilac- Cassette Mammography Unit

Give Comfort

Lilac is designed keeping the patient, clinician, and the technologists in mind. The compact design of the machine makes it one of a kind.

  • With Lilac’s state-of-art and gentle design, ease your patient’s anxiety.
  • Welcome her into the space of care and comfort.

Every woman and their mammogram matters

For patients bound to wheelchair Lilac can incline up to 15 degrees towards the patient on the wheelchair and perform the examination without any discomfort to the patient. The inclination also allows the clinician to screen the maximum of the tissue and reduce the missing chest wall thickness.

Ergonomic Design

Patient Comfort

Iso-centric Mammography

Feather touch compression


In-built AEC and gridless technology

Lilac has in-built AEC to ensure optimum dose to be delivered for an optimum image quality. Using a grid can unnecessarily increase the dose on patient. To ensure that the mammography system delivers right dose for a scatter free image, Lilac has a grid free bucky which uses air gap technology to remove the scatters.

Mammograms from all angles

Lilac’s innovative gantry moves from -180° to +180° in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to ensure ease of access to clinicians. The system has quick patient positioning from CC to MLO view with just one click, making the complete 4-view examination faster and comfortable thereby increasing daily productivity.

Compressions are now pain-free

They say compressions are painful. With Lilac’s comfortable and steady compression system, the patient can remain at ease and comfort during the screening procedure. The system has a variable compression speed which slows down when the soft paddle with curved edges nears the tissue for a relaxed compression.

Flexi-upgrade available at your site.

Start your clinic with a basic analog unit and upgrade as you grow to digital mammography at your site at an affordable cost.

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