Lilac- Digital Mammography Unit

Early detection and right diagnosis is the need of the hour and requires superior quality images. 

LILAC Digital is a state-of-art digital mammography platform designed to ease patient’s anxiety, achieve highest quality image with maximum productivity and has an Intuitive workflow for hassle free operation. LILAC is ergonomically designed keeping in mind the various anatomies of a woman. A combination of rapidity, rigorousness and robustness makes LILAC one of its kind.

Workflow for straightforward navigation

Taking mammograms is now simplified with Lilac. Schedule your patients for the day and perform screening with the workflow guiding you throughout the procedure. You can now switch from worklist to exposure to review window in a natural and intuitive manner.

Simplified Workflow

High quality mammograms

Quick acquisition

Accurate Diagnosis


Crystal clear images all day long

Lilac’s detector technology enables the clinicians obtain high quality mammograms that are free from noise. The wide detector helps screening of both breasts at once with same dose as in case of single breast. The system’s quick boot time helps the clinicians start the diagnosis procedure from the word “go”. Faster patient set up, image processing and diagnosis in conjunction aids in high patient throughput.

Fast acquisition

The acquisition system of Lilac is so easy to use and fast that you can obtain an image in just 3 seconds from exposure. You can review the image quickly and perform annotations and corrections on the image as you wish. The system gives you freedom to perform 4 view exam and review the breast images in the manner you wish to see.

Clear view for right diagnosis

Lilac’s Clear-view reviewer system does all the reporting for the clinician. From patient data administration to patient’s diagnosis, the system makes your clinical decisions simpler.

Flexi-upgrade available at your site.

Start your clinic with a basic digital unit and upgrade as you grow to 3D tomosynthesis at your site at an affordable cost.

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