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“We are here for 2 decades working round the clock to develop and deliver solutions that matter. Solutions that heal. Solutions that provide solutions for cancer”.


Panacea nurtures the culture of holistic innovation by nourishing and stimulating the brightest brains to help develop achieve our goal- To defeat cancer. We do it by building solutions together.



Mutual respect and dignity are our bottom-line and here at Panacea all our employees are treated equally. Our workforce come from varied backgrounds and cultures making us a melting pot of diversity. Our employee benefit programs are designed and tailored to protect the employees financial and health interests.


Panacea is a workplace where creativity, innovation and collaboration are highly valued. Our research-intensive operations are aimed at streamlining cancer treatment through radiation therapy, which involves a significant responsibility. Seeing our products deliver immaculate care and cure for patients of cancer, the members of Panacea feel inspired and driven to work harder and create better treatment options. The happiness of watching the company’s products save lives, ignites the passion and enthusiasm in its makers, motivating them to build greater products.

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