Our Impact

Increasing access to cancer care


Today, Panacea’s 100+ Radiotherapy machines are commercialized in South & South- East Asia and East & West Africa which have helped their hospitals to treat over 280,000 cancer patients. Panacea’s much acclaimed flagship product Bhabhatron II, developed in collaboration with BARC (Mumbai), had been installed & deployed in several under and un-penetrated deep reach areas in the world for the benefit of middle and low-income populations. Bhabhatron, today, is considered as the pride of India, amongst IAEA member countries. The government of India has, in fact, proudly donated it to countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. With installations in premier institutes across the globe, Panacea is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every cancer patient has access to the best radiotherapy treatment.

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